Creating Shared Success is a collaborative approach of meeting Your needs by utilising the skills and contacts of our team. Our objective is to provide You with appropriate advice to assist Your understanding of how to achieve Your financial goals with peace-of-mind.

The Creating Shared Success’s Team and, if required, our network of experts are all suitably qualified and have worked in private, public and listed companies and AFSL environments. We are endeavouring to provide peace of mind by not only exposing you to quality opportunities, but by also utilising proven compliance and financial regulation regimes and offering advice from normal people.

Creating Shared Success can’t guarantee you that issues won’t arise with any financial opportunity selected. However, we can guarantee that our Team will work with you and assist to resolve any issues if required.

The Creating Shared Success objective is to foster ongoing relationships and referrals from all walks of life. Contact us for an opportunity to work with experienced and suitably qualified real people to gain a benefit from our Team’s experience in developing and implementing property, investment and funding strategies – in your own right or via superannuation, equity or cash.

When our clients succeed, so do we as you will continue to invest and seek advice from our Team for life. It’s a win-win. It’s Creating Shared Success!

So How Does The Shared Success Strategy Work?

Our property investment objective is the pursuit of capital gain benefits rather than regular distributions of rental income. Any surplus income from your property investment should be applied to the following areas:

  • Repayment of finance facilities
  • Reserves for interest cover and capital works
  • Ongoing refurbishment and improvements

Investing now will boost your retirement savings, with the Shared Success strategy of strengthening your new investment helping to ensure it is quarantined from your current lifestyle, to allow for a new investment or holiday in future years. Enjoy your break even more knowing your investment is secure and working for you while you are away!

We recommend you utilise a professional management group to oversee all components of your investment including maintaining appropriate records and adhering to taxation and reporting requirements. Any investment should be hassle-free and structured so as not to affect your lifestyle or put your other assets at risk. This is extremely important!

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.